It's time to arrange my life. Even if it's complicated. Even if It seems like a dream now, I know the dream will stop as soon as posible. At the time when my mind would be clear enough to understand what I did with my life! I'm afraid of the next levels of that seconds. Too worry about what's true, what's the best.

Just in a second... I was thousands kilometers far from the wishes. I just smiled to my heart. Too rapid changes. Suddenly I was in another dimension of the time and space. Like a really fast mind ray.

Who am I now? My wishes? A slave of my wishes? A victim of them?

It's complicated...But I want.. I want... that's ashame, but I wanna go again! Not without him. Not with a pulse.

Because It's an undescriptable moment when you feel you live your dream! Even if it's stupid...

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